December 2023

Planka behind Traefik with docker-compose

Planka is a smart open-source solution that smoothly integrates with Traefik and Docker Compose to improve project tracking and administration. Learn in-depth tips on using Docker Compose with Traefik to manage, route, and protect traffic in contemporary cloud-native systems. Discover how to use Docker Compose with Traefik to optimize project execution, improve traffic routing, and get real-time updates while utilizing Planka to its fullest potential. Investigate the potential of open-source tools for effective project management right now.

Gitea behind Traefik with docker-compose

Explore seamless integration of Gitea with Traefik using Docker Compose to streamline version control, collaboration, and continuous integration. Gain insights into deploying Gitea behind Traefik for enhanced control, secure messaging, and optimized performance in modern, cloud-native environments. Discover comprehensive guidance on setting up and managing Gitea with Traefik, empowering efficient software development workflows.

Watchtower with docker-compose

Get insights into automating base image updates for Docker containers using Watchtower, a container-based solution. It offers guidance on integrating Watchtower into Docker-based setups and highlights the seamless deployment, automated upgrades, and simplified maintenance it provides. The site also covers the creation of a docker-compose.yml file, setting up Gotify for notifications, and running the service.

Gotify behind Traefik with docker-compose

You can experiment with self-hosted messaging by using Gotify, an open-source server application for efficient message transmission and receiving. Learn how to use Docker Compose to create Gotify behind Traefik so that traffic in current cloud-native systems may be controlled and routed efficiently. Learn how Gotify and Docker Compose work together to give better control, secure messaging, and straightforward message management.

Portainer behind Traefik with docker-compose

Learn about the capabilities of Portainer, an open-source Docker management solution that works in harmony with Traefik to provide you more visibility and control. Easily protect containerized apps, maximize performance, and streamline the management of Docker environments. Enjoy the advantages of logging, monitoring, and an easy-to-use interface. Improve your Docker experience right now with Traefik and Portainer.

Traefik with docker-compose

Discover comprehensive insights into deploying Traefik with Docker Compose for managing and routing traffic in modern, cloud-native environments. Explore detailed guidance on setting up Traefik, creating a Docker network, and configuring traffic routing. Uncover practical tips for leveraging Traefik's powerful features and Docker Compose's orchestration capabilities to enhance traffic routing and streamline containerized application deployment.